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 . . . ." A Crazy Idea: The tragedy of American Education

"Here's my crackpot notion for the week: Why not yank thousands of young people out of their communities and plop them down for four years in a new setting? They would be away from the families and churches that taught them right from wrong and held them responsible. They would learn mostly from folks their own age.

"Oh, in this crazy scheme they would see adults for a few hours a week, often in movie theater environments called "lecture classrooms." Otherwise, they would be encouraged to develop their own peer-driven customs and rules. (We would subtly suggest one of them by placing condom machines close to their beds.)

"Yipes-not an original idea, you say? It's already being done? It's called "college"? No way-parents wouldn't be so crazy and crass as to risk the development of their children in that way, even if someone were paying them lots of money to do so.

"You say the parents are not being paid anything? You say college costs are at an all-time high while the average national college workload is at an all-time low? (Students spend an average of 29 hours per week in class and doing coursework, compared to 60 hours in the early 1960s.) You say parents are paying tens of thousands of dollars of their own money to place their children in such environments? No way.

"Way. The evidence is all around us."

So begins an article in World Magazine by Marvin Olasky.  Read the rest of it here (You will need to register if you are not a member of the website.  It's free.)

In the above article Olasky invites Christian readers to send in accounts of their experiences with colleges and universities, Christian and non-Christian.  Here is a summary of the results.  Selected responses were published in two parts, "Be True to Your School."  (You will need to be a member of World magazine to read these.  A 30-day free trial is available to new members.)

As Olasky says here in a followup article, "Exercise Due Diligence."

For a young person choosing which college or university to attend is one of life's most important decisions.  College will change you.  That is what education is intended to do.  But will the changes be in the direction of God's revealed ultimate Truth that will be confirmed by God himself on the Day of Judgment after you die?  Or will college be a vast project of conforming you to the spirit of the age, pressed into the skeptical, politically correct mold of the world, rendered tragically useless for the great eternal Kingdom of God?  The Focus on the Family website gives some valuable guidance on how to choose a college.  Check it out.  It's a site college students can profit from by regularly visiting throughout their careers.

If a person chooses a Christian school, I think it is very important to know in advance how the Bible is viewed by the faculty, particularly the Bible faculty.  College and university professors are often viewed by students with great respect, even awe, making them very influential in forming a student's worldview.  This is as it should be, provided the professors are teaching the truth.  God intends for us to be influenced by wise mentors.

More later, but here are some colleges that I am impressed with so far (links to follow):

Biola University

Hillsdale College

Corban College

Gordon College

Westmont College

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