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Thank you for visiting my Internet site.

I am Bob Snyder, and I recently taught physics and chemistry for 28 years at a Christian school in Oregon.

In these pages you can find out about my own personal mental and spiritual journey as I have wrestled with finding the harmony within the Bible and between the Bible and science.

To begin with I believe that the God of the Bible has authored two "books", the "book" of Nature (using "book" as a metaphor for the "universe") and the literal book of Scripture.  Science is the result of human efforts to comprehend the former and theology the latter.  God is Nature's author in the sense of being the Creator of the universe.  God is Scripture's author in the sense of superintending its human writers through which to "breathe out" Scripture in accordance with 2 Tim 3:16.  Both books are inerrant and infallible.  However, science and theology are neither inerrant nor infallible.  Both of these are very hard work in accord with Neander's Law.  Click on the link in the left margin for a statement of this law.

To contact me, email me at bobwilli2@hotmail.com

(I taught at Western Mennonite School near Salem, Oregon until June 2009.  The views expressed on this website are my own.  My previous employment at WMS should not be interpreted as its endorsement of my views.)

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